Multiroom Cabling Distribution installation

Integrated Reception System

integrated reception system installers

IRS provides multiple sources typically terrestrial digital aerial and satellite TV, as well as DAB and FM radio signals distributed by the means of multiroom cabling to multiple outlets (sockets/points) throughout your property or across a communal building by using a single digital aerial, satellite or DAB and FM aerials. By installing an IRS system it sends multiple signals through one cable to each point, so no need for multiple cables to be installed to each and every point, although SKY HD+ or Freesat+ does require two cables to every point allowing the feature of recording one channel whilst watching another, making it the most suitable solution for distribution throughout your home, communal or commercial building. 

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Distribution Amplifier

Integrated Reception System

Set back amplifiers also distribute terrestrial digital aerial, DAB and FM signals throughout your property, from boosting poor signal reception to one point or up to as many as sixteen points/sockets around your home or place of work. there are two versions of setback amplifier available on the market, the first type will boost poor signal reception as well as distributing signals, the second type also boosts poor reception but also distribute UHF and infrared signals, known as IR. This will allow us to route your Freeview digital aerial cable to your SKY HD+ set top box, then from your SKY HD+ set top box to the input of a setback amplifier, so not only distributing Freeview around your property but also a duplicate SKY channel around your property or another room. We also install magic eyes, these devices provide you with the means of controlling your SKY box from another room also. By using IR distribution / set back amplifiers we can fully configure and install UHF and VHF services throughout your home. 


splitter distribution

External and Internal splitters also distribute terrestrial digital aerial, DAB and FM signals throughout your property, they come with a number of output options so again we can connect as many rooms as required without the need for installing more than one TV or radio aerial.