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NuDigital SKY Q installation in Lewes

Satellite Dishes supplied and fitted

We have a variety of satellite dishes and LNB’s available in stock for satellite repairs if need be. Our standard satellite dish installation consists of a 43cm satellite dish with quad LNB included (offering four points of connection). We also stock Octo LNB’s (offering eight points of connection), which are used for all satellite TV services I.E. SKY, Freesat and European TV.

We also stock satellite dishes made from a variety of materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, and steel, depending on where you live in Sussex these may suit your needs better. We test for the best optimum signal reception by using a high-quality digital spectrum meter, then advise you where the best possible location and position will be for installing the new satellite dish, which is either to an external side wall or your chimney stack.

Our van is always equipped with stock ready for any job ranging from upgrades to resolving any signal reception problems that your existing system may be suffering with. We always supply high-quality stock and CAI compliant satellite dishes and cabling.

European Satellite TV

European satellite TV installations require a satellite dish usually between sizes of 60 to 90 cm, this ensures optimum signal reception is received using a compatible satellite receiver, the satellite dish needs to be directed at anyone of the following satellites (Hot bird, Turksat, Eutelsat and Astra 1 or 3 providing free to air TV services. The dish is aligned using a high-quality digital spectrum meter.    

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Satellite TV Services Provided

  • SKY satellite dish installation services.
  • Freesat satellite dish installation.
  • Satellite dish relocation.
  • Satellite dish upgrade.
  • Satellite dish repair.
  • Satellite dishes supplied and fitted.
  • Bird spikes supplied and fitted.
  • Multi-room cabling and Magic eye installation.
  • Fault diagnosis and repair service.
  • NuDigital provide free estimates to all customers, residential or commercial.
  • All our installations are covered by a one year parts and labour guarantee.

SQISH satellite dishes available for installation

Before Installation

Proposed site for new satellite dish installation

Suggested satellite dish installation site

During Installation

New satellite dish installed then aligned by NuDigital

Satellite dish installed and alinged

Completed Installation

Sticker applied to the front of the newly installed satellite dish disguising its appearance

Sticker applied to the front of satellite dish disguising its appearance