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Clear Flow and Ubiquiti

We stock Ubiquiti unifi lite and pro unifi access points providing a greatly improved, larger WIFI coverage area throughout your home or office. These next generation WIFI extenders allow more WIFI devices to connect at any one time, where as home routers supplied by large companies when broadband is supplied are capted which causes buffering and slow internet connectivity, very frustrating.

WIFI access points

The Ubiquiti access points (Lite and Pro) can help boost your WIFI coverage area from 60 meters from just a single device being installed. The Pro model even further. Ubiquiti Lite and Pro models can be added to, for example by adding three device's this wil increase your WIFI area  further and further to whatever coverage area you require and can be configured to work in conjunction as one Unifi WIFI network.

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Access point/s services

  • Ubiquiti installation.
  • Ubiquiti repair.
  • Ubiquiti upgrade.
  • Ubiquiti supplied and fitted.
  • Ubiquiti Lite.
  • Ubiquiti Pro.
  • Ubiquiti Mesh.
  • Ubiquiti relocation.
  • Ethernet cabling made to measure.

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